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Welcome to Shout Of Victory Ministries newly updated Podcast. We are excited about this newly updated facet of the ministry, where people from all over the world will continue to visit and receive sound Bible instructions. Edmund1400

The Facts – LISTEN NOW

Over the years Edmund DeSoto has become an international speaker, host, and personality respected not only by his peers but by people of all walks of life. Visiting churches and conference halls internationally and around the country, Shout of Victory Ministries brings the unsaturated Word of God to those who are hungry for the truth.

Edmund is an enigmatic character whose convictions in Christ have led him to fulfill his dream of preaching the Gospel to the lost. People around the globe know him as a noted evangelist, teacher, and the author of best-selling e-books. You will find these in iBooks through iTunes and Amazon Kindle eBooks.

Books in iBooks & Amazon Kindle eBooks

  • The Man On That Cross
  • The Catching Away of The Saints
  • The Blessings of Abraham
  • The Perfect Now
  • On Bended Knees
  • Then They Will Know
  • The Coming Of Christ


We pray that these Podcasts will encourage you and your family to build a closer relationship and walk with the LORD Yeshua, Jesus Christ the Messiah.

In My Own Words,

edmund desoto