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Devotional Bible
Devotional Bible


Welcome To The Catacombs Fellowship™. As a gift to you we invite you to examine The Catacombs Fellowship for 30. All you need to do is VISIT US HERE and follow the link on your upper right hand side of the page to BECOME A STUDENT. That is all it takes. Then simply enter your discount code ( CATACOMBS ) and begin enjoying a series of Bible studies designed for the serious student of the Scriptures.


As part of your The Catacombs Fellowship™, you are invited to enjoy and examine Pastor Edmund’s insight of scripture from The Catacombs Fellowship™ School of Ministry online. Originally located in the North East Coast of the United States, now these lessons/classes are placed online in order to be enjoyed by everyone. They are arranged by categories and are designed to help you understand Holy Text. With your faith in mind, these lessons have been created to raise and build your faith in the Lord to a new levels.

Pastor Edmund travels to the North East of the United States where he teaches a the original group of The Catacombs Fellowship™ Members. he extends these teachings to The Catacombs Fellowship™ Members around the country when he visits them as well. Now these sessions are archived and available online only to The Catacombs Fellowship™ Members worldwide to be studied and enjoyed 24/7 in the comfort of your home and private office. You will find them HERE in our AUDIO BIBLE STUDIES area of this website.

About The Catacombs Fellowship : As A Special Member of The Catacombs Fellowship™ You Can Listen To Entire Video And Audio Messages From Pastor Edmund DeSoto On Line.

Messages Like. . .

  • A Saving Faith In Him.
  • What Happens To People When They Die.
  • Deceiving Spirits.
  • God’s Super Natural Realm.
  • Territorial Spirits.
  • The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit.
  • And Much Much More.

By Becoming A Yearly Active Member Of The Catacombs Fellowship™, You Will Have Access To All Of Pastor Edmund’s Complete Studies As They Become Available.


And of course it is all part of The Catacombs Fellowship™ when you become a yearly active member.

Plus For Signing Up With The Catacombs Fellowship™ You Receive:

The Living Word Program On CD As They Become Available. You Will Also Have Access To These Anointed Studies 24/7 On Line.

  • Plus You Get. . .
  • Faith-based News. . .
  • Interactive Prayer. Direct Download To Your Computer’s Hard Drive Or Disk
  • Devotionals / Editorials. . .
  • Monthly / Bi-weekly e-mail video / audio newsletter.
  • Discussion Board.
  • All Programs Ready For iPod-casts.


  • Discounts On New Product Announcements.
  • Announcements On The Ministries “A Night Of Worship With The Lord” Pastor Edmund’s Personal Appearances.
  • Personal Phone Call From Pastor To Pray With You.
  • Plus Special Sittings Arrangements At All Of. .
  • “A Night Of Worship With The Lord” Worship Meetings.
  • Yearly Membership $150.00
  • Monthly Membership $19.95